About Sarawat Superstores

Leading supermarket chain in Saudi Arabia since 1981.

Founded by Abdullah Binzagr in 1981, Sarawat Superstores is one of the oldest supermarket chains operating in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with a unique reputation for quality, value and service.

Its vision is to provide a pleasurable food shopping experience making it easier, healthier and a more enjoyable part of life. Sarawat superstores offers a complete product range from dairy, fruits, vegetables, meat to fresh salads prepared daily at the stores.


The attached Sarawat Superstores Bakery delivers a list of delicacies and bakeries ranging from Pizza and Croissants to Donuts and Arabic Bread all prepared fresh daily.

Spanning to three locations embedded in the community with long lasting traditions and heritage – Sarawat is located in Jeddah and Madina.

Offering unique rewards program that is the only supermarket in the Kingdom to provide a points based engagement to their customers.