About Boualvard

Integrated facilities & property management.

With a highly skilled and diversified team Boualvard established in 2015 by the RCITH group to provide the integration facility management services and property management. Boualvard Vision to become the Fundamental provider of integrated facility management services throughout KSA and GCC.

Boualvard is creating a new standard in outsourced services. Working side-by-side with our clients to help make their operations more efficient. In addition, Boualvard added value essential services to businesses in the fields of integrated facility management. Our diverse expertise makes us the perfect partner across every facet of service delivery.


By taking the time to understand our clients’ needs and priorities, we are able to devise and develop customized solutions that enhance the functionality, ultimately, and productivity of their businesses.

During the past few years Boualvard has a growing portfolio of clients includes famous and leading companies in KSA. Boualvard Team are connected with their centralized Help desk that keep them organized and allow the clients to track their requests and to follow their work planer of preventive maintenance.