About Basateen Foods Saudi Arabia Co. Ltd

Over 100 years of manufacturing experience.

Basateen Foods Saudi Arabia Co. Ltd is a leading company which produces oil based products and brands such as Mazola, Hanaa, Sun lite, Sunola products. The key brand of BFSA is Mazola, this embraces the consumer trends through informative support and communication of a healthy lifestyle option
Mazola is one of the world’s leading food brands with regional offices from the USA to Hong Kong catering to our consumers in both retail and HoReCa sectors.


With over 100 years of manufacturing experience and brand awareness, Mazola ensures the highest quality and trust in all our range of products from the traditional flagship Mazola Corn Oil to our recently launched Lite range. Mazola continues to move with the times and beyond our edible oil business into a whole range of new products that meets today’s consumers needs including mayonnaise, salad dressings and margarine.

Mazola, Middle East & North Africa (BFSA) operation is managed from their head office in Jeddah and manufacturing unit in Yanbu, Saudi Arabia. Business growth has been dramatic in the region and Mazola commands the number one brand position within the corn oil and mayonnaise category in many of the markets that we operate in. Further new product development and geographic expansion will form the basis of further growth and business performance.