About Ralf&Dco

Specialists in retail construction, value engineering & design.

Ralf&Dco consists of professional individuals who have gained competitive proficiencies in different fields of retail construction, value engineering and design.

The process and procedures being initiated is customized to the actual projects’ needs and it is based on the past experiences, lessons learned and developed strategies from the actual past store projects.


The Projects Services Division’s mission is to eradicate project delay, complete the project in high quality and avoid unnecessary cost escalation. The team believes that this is achievable with the help of all stakeholders who are part of the project cycle.

Ralf&Dco specializes in the following areas of expertise:

  • Project Coordination
  • Project Conception Stage
  • Design Management
  • Bid Stage
  • Pre-Construction Stage
  • Construction Management
  • Project Close-Out Process